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    about 2 days ago

April 2013 Fishing Report

April 2013 has been a marked improvement over the weather we saw in April 2012, looking back we didn’t get out in the boat at all last year but this time around we’ve had 5 trips out and all have been successful.

Another nice 5lb Pollack

Another nice 5lb Pollack

Species wise it’s still all looking a bit samey, there are now Callig showing on most of the inshore marks as well as a few small Coalfish. The first signs of Mackerel appearing started right towards the end of the month. The trips out we had at the beginning of April proved to be the best with several Callig up to and around 5lb showing up, however since about the 20th they seem to have spawned and eveyrthing since then coming over the side has looked a bit scrawney and sorry for itself! This has coincided with resident smaller fish moving into the usual closer in spots though so at least the fuel bills can be cut down a bit. If you are looking to get out yourself then so far I’m seeing bait trumping artificials 7-1 at this early point in the summer season. I’d expect that by the middle of May we should see decent fish on these inshore marks again as well as a few flatfish making an appearance. The Plaice seem to be getting rarer and rarer but I’ve got a few spots scoped out so fingers crossed.

Seeing as how we’ll be looking for bottom species a lot more this year I decided to invest in a GoPro camera for the boat as well. The idea is to stick it in a special housing and drop it down to see what is below the boat, I like the idea of comparing what is on the fish finder with what is actually down there. I got the chance in April to give it its first run, on a rock mark that we’d had some succes from. I got a hell of a surprise when I got home and looked at the footage, it appears I’ve found a wreck that we’ve supposed to have been fishing for years, a good quarter of a mile from where it is supposed to be. I’ll be putting some videos on to YouTube whenever I find anything interesting with the underwater camera but you’ll have to excuse me if I keep the high def, split screen with sounder/GPS versions for my own collection!

Shore reports have been very mixed this April, lots of Dogfish about, a few Whiting, the odd Mackerel starting to show up and a “rumour” of Bass being caught around the south of the island. It will be incredibly early if that rumour is true, not to mention in a spot that you would not normally associate with Bass. Then again I remember it took a long time for people to believe the catches coming from the west coast beaches. But it’s sunny out, the sea has warmed a couple of degrees this month and fingers crossed we’ll have a much better summer than last year.

Note – In case you’ve not noticed the Twitter and Facebook accounts tend to get a lot more small updates than I do on the site so if you are wanting more regular day-to-day updates from through the month it’s probably best to either join the Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, links are at the top of this page.

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