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    about 2 days ago

August 2013 Sea Fishing Report

There was no way the weather in August could be as good as July, could it??? Well as it turns out no it couldn’t. Despite still being a nice warm month the wind has been a bit of a bugger. Not only did it stop us getting out that much in the boat but it also caused big problems along the north west beaches and made the Bass fishing from the shore a weedy mess. However the fishing as good again and we did get a few trips out so I’m not going to bang on too much.

Small Ling Coming To The Boat

Small Ling Coming To The Boat

August is traditionally my favourite month for Tope fishing so when we did get a settled day at the beginning of August it was a toss up between heading north for some Tope or going south for a wreck. As it turned out we we’re a bit limited with the flap gate times at Peel and with the Tope fishing being really poor over the high tide period the decision was made for us. Besides there would be other days wouldn’t there? It turned out to be a real red letter day, especially for my daughter who caught her largest ever fish, a Ling around the 20lb mark as well as a great chance for me and the old man to relive some past glories. We hadn’t fished that particular wreck at anchor for coming on for 17 years so it really did feel like a blast from the past. Anyway, being skipper I was concentrating more on getting the boat in the right position and making sure Laura was OK than the fishing and that’s the excuse I’m sticking to for why I caught bugger all (except the bait) whilst her and the old man had a great day. In 2 hours at anchor half a dozen double figure Ling were boated as well as a 30lb+ Conger that never quite made it over the side.

Rock Cod

Rock Cod

So about those other days? We had one other settled day in August, the 27th, and as sods law would have it things cropped up and a day on the Top wasn’t a possibility so there was no Tope fishing for us this August at all. The rest of the month had decent enough fishing days where you would be happy to be out for 3-4 hours but not days where you would want to be stuck out of the inner harbour all day, certainly not in any boat less than 30ft long. The trips we did get out involved plenty of Callig, thankfully we’re back up around the double figures mark after so many smaller fish in June/July. The inshore rocky marks are have also produced our best month ever was nice sized rock Cod. All was going incredibly well until the 26th of the month when our favourite charter skipper decided to decimate one of the regular spots again. To be perfectly clear here most of our fishing is done in 50 feet of water or less and the Callig (Pollack) we catch go back fine 90% of the time. As a general rule we return everything except a couple of fish a trip, the fish we keep tend to be between 3lb and 6lb unless there’s a reason such as deep hooking for it to be kept. On a 3-4 hour trip we’ll probably catch around 30-40 fish on average between the 2 of us. So it’s not hard to see then that somebody who is taking 10 people out at a time on a continuous basis and is keeping EVERYTHING that comes over the side can completely kill a fishing mark in 1-2 days. It annoys me even more when the same fuckwit thinks he is showing off by holding up fish as he goes past, at the time time as he sees us catching and putting back. He does it every year and then start mooching around trying to get information from people from where they are catching. Here’s an idea, don’t kill everything and then you could still catch in the few spots you do actually know? Radical I know.

One final note about the boat and that’s our failure to land a Bass again. When I say our I mean mine because I’ve been out solo a few times trying and have so far caught nothing Bassy. They are here, they will be here until the end of October, it’s just a matter of time before I get to show you a picture of a nice Bass caught from a boat in the Isle of Man.

To be honest I didn’t get a lot of chance for shore fishing in August but I can report on what others have been doing. Generally it’s been pretty good with plenty of Tope being landed from the north west beaches as well as Bass being caught from Peel north. The Mackerel have slowed down but this years bumper crop of Coalfish are still in place if you’re wanting a bit of fun from the breakwaters. The Wrasse from Port St Mary are still there (my favourite) but for some reason the Conger fishing has been a bit of a disaster this year. It’s best not to mention the flatty fishing around the harbours, least said the better!

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