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    about 2 days ago

August 2014 Fishing Report

Bad weather made it a shit month. In much the same way as what August 2013 went rapidly downhill from the July so the same happened again this year. How bad? Two trips out in the boat and a couple of shore sessions was as good as it got. There were loads of fish about, just getting the chance was a real problem.

I’ll get what little fishing we did out of the way first. Our first trip out early in the month was not hugely productive, it was a mixture of general ground fishing then some spinning for Callig. There were decent numbers of medium sized Callig about but with still a lack of Mackerel around the general fishing was pretty poor. Thanks to the low pressure systems sweeping in from the Atlantic and constant force 5+ North West winds it was three and a half weeks before we got out again and with such a gap we decided to play safe and see if there were any better fish on any of our usual spots. It turned out well. We had several Callig getting up and around double figures and the inshore Cod were there. The shore efforts have been concentrating on the northern beaches and spinning for Bass. I’m carrying on this year where I left off last year but the good news is we’ve still got the best of the local Bass season to come. On the plus side I have spent a shit ton on new lures.

More generally the fishing around the island has really picked up in the second half of August. August and September are normally peak times for our better fish and this year certainly looks like being a bumper year for Cod. Most of the local inshore rock marks are holding beautifully coloured Cod that just love smashing lures like Sidewinders, Savage Sandeels and Fiiish Black Minnows. The biggest problem is getting through the Callig down to where the Cod are feeding but seeing as how the Callig are now at a decent average weight it’s no real hardship and amazing fun on little spinning rods. If you’re not sure then a Castletown Bay or around Port St Mary is almost guaranteed to throw up a few for the pot. When the fishing is like this I get really tempted to invest in a Fishing Kayak, who know maybe next year.

From the shore the Bass fishing has been as good this year as any year. All the way from the Point down to Fenella Beach I’ve heard of decent Bass being caught, the better ones always seem to be to a legered bait but I am determined to get one on a lure. Night fishing is most productive. With the sea temperatures hanging at around average the Mackerel have finally made a real appearance inshore, they could be caught in July but it meant a fair steam in the boat to where they were sitting in deep water. Peel breakwater is once again alive with them and people are catching all the way back to the lifeboat slip. Port St Mary breakwater is still great for Wrasse. Even Douglas breakwater is turning up plenty of fish.

Finally the Tope. It’s been a pretty poor year for Tope fishing. I’m relying on what others have told me here but the general consensus seems to be fewer fish and a smaller average than previous years. Saying that they are still being caught from the shore just not quite to the same size. Just the chance to catch one would be good with me.

Overall then August was a really frustrating month, from a personal boat fishing point of view it’s usually the month I like best with the better Tope arriving, our wrecks holding plentiful Conger and Ling and even the odd chance of a Brill or Turbot out on the banks. Unfortunately for any of these to happen we need a full day out at sea and for that we need the weather to hold. This year just hasn’t given us a chance.

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