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Archive for the ‘IOM Fishing Updates’ Category

What The Hell Happened To Summer 2017

I’ve been dreading catching up on this. In technical terms I suppose what you would call 2017 is a cluster fuck!!! To recap in shorthand goes a little like this.
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April 2017 Manx Fishing Update

April was a good month, the weather was pretty much what you’d expect for an April on the Isle of Man (crappy) but the kayak really helped to open up a lot of options and so I got out a few more times than I normally would. The fishing has been really good and all our usual spots have burst into life. I haven’t heard from anybody who has been out and not caught something which is hopefully a good sign for great things ahead.
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March 2017 Fishing Update

Having been away in the sun for 3 weeks we only got back on the island half way through March although by all accounts “we hadn’t missed much” weather wise. Fortunately things did settle down towards the end of the month and we managed to get a couple of sighter trips in to see what was going on out there.
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October 2016 Fishing Report

Moan moan moan, that’s all I ever seem to do on here so just to make a change lets start with some positive news. On the 31st of October we had our best days fishing ever. Not ever this year, or ever on this boat, but ever. No fewer than six personal bests, and by personal I mean both me and the old man, in the space of 3 hours fishing. Whiting, Haddock, Tub Gurnard, Red Gurnard, Spurdog and Bull Huss.
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September 2016 Fishing News – New Kayak

September 2016 will go down in history as the month when shit got real! Literally fed up to the back teeth with the lack of opportunities to get out fishing I did a quick calculation of how much money I’d saved on fuel, tackle, engine wear and decided to invest in my first ever fishing kayak. The thinking was simple, if the wind blows west I can launch from the east of the island which as it happens is much closer to home for me. Also if it’s a nice day but the tides are wrong for the marina in Peel at least I get the option of chucking the kayak on the car and getting to fish. Other than a bit of LRF I’ve pretty much given up on shore fishing for the time being. Obviously if the weather and tides are right the boat will always be the preferred option so with in mind plus the lack of storage space I didn’t want to spend a fortune.
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August 2016 Fishing Update

This was the month that broke me. With the Mackerel now here in large numbers, in fact the best Mackerel season in many years all we needed was some settled weather for a chance at some great fishing. The month started great and we were out on the 1st, fishing deep water and finding nice Spurdog, Haddock and various other bits and pieces like Gurnard and Whiting. Feathers tipped with Mackerel accounting for all fish. But that was it, one fine day! What followed was a week of strong westerly winds and a last minute decision to say screw our Manx summer and go on holiday.
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July 2016 IOM Sea Fishing

With the weather being so bad from the middle of June onward we had really high hopes for getting a spell of settled weather sometime in July, how wrong were we! July, summer? Two days, TWO DAYS we managed to get out in the boat. Even those were trips where if given the choice again I don’t think we would have bothered, there is very little fun in being battered in force 5-6 winds. But desperation set in and we set out to catch something, anything.
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June 2016 Manx Sea Fishing Report

The TT normally brings with it at least 1 week of settled weather and so it was again this year, from the 3rd until the 11th we were able to get to sea most days and in sticking with this years theme of not hammering the Callig we took the opportunity to try a few different things.
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May 2016 Manx Sea Fishing

May didn’t really turn out how I was expecting, fair to say the weather was poor. A couple of sessions from the rocks earlier in the month was added to a couple of trips out in the boat towards the end of the month when summer arrived but that was about it.
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Isle of Man Sea Fishing Report, Jan-Apr 2016

Well barring any other major disasters work is just about back on an even keel. Fortunately for me the weather has been shit so I’ve not missed a lot the early part of the year and what chances the weather did give us we got out and caught plenty of fish. From May onward we should be back to monthly updates but in the meantime that is what has happened since the turn of the year.
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