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Archive for the ‘IOM Fishing Updates’ Category

May 2016 Manx Sea Fishing

May didn’t really turn out how I was expecting, fair to say the weather was poor. A couple of sessions from the rocks earlier in the month was added to a couple of trips out in the boat towards the end of the month when summer arrived but that was about it.
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Isle of Man Sea Fishing Report, Jan-Apr 2016

Well barring any other major disasters work is just about back on an even keel. Fortunately for me the weather has been shit so I’ve not missed a lot the early part of the year and what chances the weather did give us we got out and caught plenty of fish. From May onward we should be back to monthly updates but in the meantime that is what has happened since the turn of the year.
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The Rest Of 2015 Manx Sea Fishing Report

Apologies for taking almost 6 months to update but it’s been a pretty busy time and a few things had to take a back seat. It’s a very long and boring story but the short version is that I spent 4 years of my life working my ass off building a Titanic of a business that allowed me enjoy things outside of work. I then had 4 years where I could relax a bit, you know do things normal people do like go fishing etc The business helped companies make more money in return for them paying a percentage of the extra money they made. A really simple idea in theory but one which took a lot of setting up and strange work hours but with a very diverse set of clients I had the unsinkable ship. Or so I thought. In July 2015 it hit no fewer than 4 icebergs in the space of 2 weeks. The shit hit the fan. The impossible happened! So I’ve spent the last 6 months working my ass off to stabilise a sinking ship, we’re limping on by and I’ve got some pretty big decisions to make this year. The world has moved on a lot since I established what I do. The only real silver lining has been that it all happened at a time when the weather meant I didn’t feel like I was missing out too much. The good news is that no matter what happens there will always be time for fishing, I have to, it’s the only way I relax!
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July 2015 Manx Sea Fishing Report

I was away the beginning of the month but heard the weather was rubbish, the rest of July seemed to continue in the same way. We did eventually get 1 boat trip out but it was both short and very rough. However the fishing was superb. The islands waters were literally alive with Callig, Coalfish and Wrasse. And that was on the west coast. From what I heard the east coast was even better…when people did manage to get out which was very few and far between. Seriously I can’t remember a summer like it, the last 2 were bad but 2015 seems to have broke all the records. Atleast it seems to have given the fish a rest and once you are bored of catching the usual 3-4lb Callig (Pollack) there are plenty of 7lb+ fish out there as well.
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May/June 2015 Sea Fishing Report

The fact that I’m rolling May and June in to one update sort of tells you everything you need to know about how much fishing I’ve done over the last couple of months, not to mention just how great the weather has been over here!
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April 2015 Manx Sea Fishing Update

I’ve been hanging of on this because the way May was going I was going to roll 2 months in to one! However things have gotten a little better towards the end of the month so here is April in all its glory.
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March 2015 Manx Sea Fishing Update

Callig & Coalfish. The sea around the Isle of Man was alive with them in March. Unfortunately 99% of the fish were around the same size 1-2lb. Coalfish at this weight put up a great fight on the right tackle, where the right tackle is the lightest spinning outfit you can get away with for the weather conditions. It would be stupid to complain and I’m not going to, March is usually very quiet around here and so the opportunity to easily catch so early in the year is a welcome one.
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January & February 2015 Fishing Report – Water Wolf Gets Tested

January and February were strange months, strange in that there were still plenty of fish about. Now the south of the island always holds a certain level of Callig all year round but this year the numbers over winter are definitely significantly higher than normal. No real size but there is still the odd decent fish amongst all the 1-2 pounders. Added to that it’s also been a bumper winter for Coalfish, or Shitties as we like to call them. The previous 2 years had shown an increase in number in late Autumn but this year they’ve followed through and there are large shoals of them about (check out the video below). If you’ve never tried targeting them you’ve got to give it a go, I know some people think that Callig put up a fight but pound for pound they have nothing on a Coalie. Catch even a 1lb fish on a light braid/LRF setup and you know all about it! In saying all this the best of the fishing is still in the southern half of the island, draw a line across from Peel and head south, the other way only seems to be good for burning fuel this time of year.
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November & December 2014 Fishing Report

November 2014 – Lots Of Fish About

I can’t over state just how much life there was in the sea in November. I’m not sure if it was to do with sea temperatures holding up the couple of degrees warmer that they had been all summer (12 celcius compared to the usual 10 for November) or whether there are other changes afoot in the Irish Sea but around our coast it was literally rammed with fish. Read the rest of this entry »

September & October 2014 Sea Fishing report

Might as well combine September and October because frankly the weather in October has meant it wasn’t worth writing up. There is nothing unusual about low pressure systems rolling in of the Atlantic this time of year but I think it’s fare to say we’ve had our full quota so far this year, especially when you combine the wind and amount of rain. We had a months worth of rain in the first 3 days, nice. Obviously I prefer boat fishing but I’m also more than happy to wet a line from the shore…as long as I’m not being blown off the rocks/getting piss wet through/frozen solid. One of which I don’t mind but 2 or more and I’ll find something else to do unless there are big Bass being caught. So October wasn’t really a shore fishing month for me either. Anyway, enough whinging, the fishing was actaully pretty good.
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