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Archive for the ‘General Tips’ Category

Savage Sandeel Cheap Alternative

If there’s one lure that has been slaying the local Pollack this year it has been the Savage Sandeel, I’ve lost count of how many fish we’ve caught on them but on each occasion they have easily out fished everything else we’ve tried. The only trouble is that at £5.99 for one head and a couple of bodies it can soon get expensive so I’ve spent the last 4-5 weeks looking for an alternative and I’ve finally found something that works just as well.
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Make Your Own Lures

Make Your Own Spinners

Spinners and the like are bloody expensive! I think nothing of spending £4 – £7 on spinners and other lures that can be lost in either a moment of stupidity (just letting it sink that little bit too long) or a moment of luck (that big fish that snaps the line). I hate to think how much money I’ve left attached to rocks over the years. Like most sea anglers I could save a fortune if I could make my own lures, whilst I’d done it with big cod pirks I didn’t have the knowledge to make “proper” lures so I searched the net and this is what I found.

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Lugworm – Saving Money

Whilst the ideal situation for most anglers is to be able to go and dig your own Lugworm it’s not always possible. Trouble is that they’re expensive to buy and have a very limited effective life span, this small tip should save you some money!

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