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Port St Mary – Isle of Man

Port St Mary has to be the best port for launching from on the Isle of Man. Besides offering a good amount of shelter from most wind directions and having 2 slips (1 available at most states of the tide) it also provides access to some of the best fishing that the Isle of Man has to offer. Whilst fishing on the west coast can be seen as being much more “localised” (small marks and you have to be right on the spot) the fishing in the south east of the island is seen by some as being a lot easier. There are an abundance of deep water rough ground spots all within a short run from Port St Mary breakwater and of course you always have the option of fishing around the Calf. Callig can be taken most of the year round and there are plenty of sizable (10lb+) fish caught each year. The Wart Banks usually offer up a decent supply of fresh sandeel for bait and as well as the Callig the area from Castletown bay south gives plenty of opportunities for summer/autumn Cod and nice sized inshore Ling as well.

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