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  • Next generation. 2 years old and winding in his first fish with a huge smile on his face. Think Grandad Bob would…
    about 2 days ago
  • The Tope are in, we've got what looks like a week of settled weather and yesterday the clutch on the "immaculate" s…
    about 2 days ago

Archive for the ‘Sea Angling – From A Boat’ Category

Shellfish And Crab Baits

Most of the shellfish and crabs you can find around the UK shore make excellent baits. Both shellfish and crabs contain juices that many species of fish find irresistible.

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Winter Pollack Fishing

When it comes to catching any species of fish it is important to know as much about your prey as possible, fishing for Pollack in winter is no exception.

winter pollack fishing

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Attracting fish – Scent Attractors

Rubby-dubby, chunking or ground baiting (anything that involves putting a scent in the water to attract fish) are all common practices for the average boat angler outside of the UK. Here are a few tips to help you increase your catches via the use of a scent trail.

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Which Fishing Line To Use?

The line used for boat fishing falls into
three categories. Monofilament is
nylon line ( mono as it’s more widely
known ) then there are fluorocarbons and

You may find that die-hard boat
anglers will have three or four reels
loaded up with different breaking strains
of both mono and braid so they can
instantly react to a change of mark or sea

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Uptiding For Beginners

Uptiding is the technique of fishing uptide from an anchored boat in order to avoid the disturbed water around the boat.

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