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Archive for the ‘Sea Angling – From The Shore’ Category

Starting Out HRF Fishing

Niarbyl, Wrasse Heaven?

Niarbyl, Wrasse Heaven?

I took the chance on Wednesday to break in some new tackle and give this much fancied and talking about HRF (Heavy Rock Fishing) a go. The idea was to try some of the spots where I’ve caught Wrasse in the past, Wrasse being my primary target for HRF, and to keep a track of how I got on and come up with some tips in case you’re thinking of giving it a go.
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Bass From The Shore – Not Easy

With the weather not being fit enough to get out to sea (it’s August for Christs sake) I’ve had to resign myself to trying to catch my 5lb target Bass from the shore. Having read just about everything there is to know about tempting Bass from rocky/beach shorelines and with local knowledge from THE local Bass expert I was expecting good things.
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Humane Crabbing

We can all remember Crabbing when we were kids, going to the harbour side and pulling up Crabs? Well it seems that there are enough people who don’t know how to do it properly to warrant a guide being produced and how to Crab but keep the Crabs alive.

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Shellfish And Crab Baits – Shore Fishing

Most of the shellfish and crabs you can find around the UK shore make excellent baits. Both shellfish and crabs contain juices that many species of fish find irresistible.

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Beach Fishing

An open beach with pounding surf and golden sand is a very inviting place for any sea angler to fish.

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How To Pendulum Cast

The Pendulum Cast is the most powerful of all the beach casting methods.

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3 Essential Shore Rigs

The following 3 shore rigs are the rigs you’ll use most when presenting a bait from the shore.

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