Douglas – Isle of Man

Douglas is the capital of the Isle of Man so the port tends to be busy with commercial traffic coming and going on a regular basis. Access to the marina is via a flapgate which opens and closes approximately 2 and a half hours each side of high water, the Government guide to gate times for Douglas marina is pretty good. There is one slip by the lifeboat station for small boats to launch from and access is available at most times of the tide. A lot of the fishing done around Douglas tends to be away from Douglas bay, instead local boat anglers tend to prefer heading south towards Castletown for rough ground fishing (after a stop off behind Douglas head for some Mackerel and Sandeel for bait of course) or up towards Laxey where there is always a good run of summer Tope as well as Huss and Hounds. As you head north the fishing spots tend to be much more localised though and so some local knowledge goes a long way! Alternatively a short run out to the “Paddle Wheel” wreck is always a popular spot for picking up Mackerel with the chance of a bonus fish as well.

What Is Happening In Douglas Right Now?

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Douglas Weather Station

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