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  • Whiting, millions of them...and nothing else. #whiting #fishing #isleofman #boatfishing #catchandrelease
    about 2 days ago
  • Smile. Had them literally leaping out of the water today. #fishing #boatfishing #seafishing #lurefishing…
    about 3 days ago

February 2013 Sea Fishing Report

This will be a very short if not very sweet report, February is traditionally just about the worst month of the year for sea fishing around the Isle of Man and this year has been no different.

From The Shore – Not much doing at all, we did manage a few small coalfish from Port St Mary breakwater but that was it. A quick glance at the competition reports from around the island show nothing of any significance, minor species and the usual glut of pain in the ass Dogfish.

From The Boat – Didn’t go fishing at all in February. Looking at my records for the past 3 years it hardly seemed worth the effort of fueling up (now £1.45.9 a litre for fucks sake!) and getting cold. The few boats that did venture out also confirmed this, nobody catching anything on the west coast. Even the crab boats are using up their “last ditch effort” marks so there is a general lack of life around. What we did manage on the last day of the month was the chance to do some surveying. There are some well known banks around here and we discovered last year that they were not exactly where they are charted, in fact not really close. So on a nice flat day I took the chance to head out and spent a good hour running a grid pattern to get enough data to throw into DrDepth. Whilst it’s a large area and I’ve still got quite a bit to do the results were brilliant. We have now got our own very exact (to within a few feet) charts that also include bottom hardness. What was amazing to see was how the areas of harder ground matched up with where we have caught fish in the past, even over what looks to be a flat bottom. It is a spot that has thrown up Haddock, Tope, Ling, Cod and Turbot in the past so I’m looking forward to getting back out there when the weather warms up and there are some fish about. Of course we did try wetting a line whilst we were out there but there’s absolutely nothing about, not even anything to throw back any sort of a signal on the fishfinder.

The March report will definitely feature a few more fish, there have been some nice fish being caught but only in very specific spots, there is a cut off point but I’ll talk about that next month.

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