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  • Whiting, millions of them...and nothing else. #whiting #fishing #isleofman #boatfishing #catchandrelease
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June 2013 Sea Fishing Report

Another late report thanks to the amazing weather we’ve been having! June seems like such a long time ago and with going fishing almost every day in July so far it’s a bit hard to remember what happened what and when, good job I keep a fishing diary then. So this is what happened.

June started off hot, really hot, but with the tides being wrong we took out the new boat by dropping it in off the trailer. This actually gave us the chance to fish a few regular marks at different stages of the tide. The result of all this was that the Pollack seem to feed better around the last 3 hours of the flood tide and then for an hour over. We didn’t have a lot of joy around low water or the ebb tide even on spots that are usually good. What I can take from this? I’m not losing a whole lot being stuck to the 2 hours around high water in the marina, at least not for the reef fishing anyway. Towards the middle of the month the weather resorted to type and we only got out twice in the last half of the month and both of those were not what you’d call comfy trips!

June was also a month where we tried a couple of wrecks, to save you some fuel I’d suggest not bothering this early in the summer season. Anything from the Thracian south is OK but further north is a total waste of fuel and time. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that the Mackerel were still scarce all the way through June, writing this now in the middle of July I can tell you they are here in force but throughout the whole of June catching any Mackerel was a rare treat. Because of this the Tope fishing was slow as well, yes fish were turning up a couple of miles offshore but not in any numbers. To add to the late Tope there was little in the way of Bass life about either. It seems that everything is still slowly making its way north, all of our biggest Pollack have come from the south of the island and the isolated spots further north, whilst being full of fish, are only producing throw backs.

In what is a bit of a change the shore fishing in June was actually more productive than the boat fishing. There were the first signs of Mullet appearing in the harbours around the island as well as some nice Flounders. I’ve seen catch reports of school Bass being taken with plugs as well so that’s something for me to try this month when I get the chance. The breakwaters sprung to life in June although for those of you fishing off Peel breakwater, those black and silver fish you’re catching and keeping are not Callig, they are Coalfish, or as we used to call them back in the day Shitties! You’ll understand why if you ever try to gut one….remember Peel still has an open sewage outfall a hundred yards off the end of the breakwater.

Overall then June 2013 has been a bit of a mixed bag, for the first time in as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed my shore fishing more than the boat, perhaps because we we’re spoiled with early catches but mostly because the endless Pollack (Callig) can get a bit dull, especially when the size isn’t there. In July we have definitely mixed it up quite a bit but you’ll have to wait to hear about that next month….or in a couple of weeks as it is.

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