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  • Whiting, millions of them...and nothing else. #whiting #fishing #isleofman #boatfishing #catchandrelease
    about 2 days ago
  • Smile. Had them literally leaping out of the water today. #fishing #boatfishing #seafishing #lurefishing…
    about 3 days ago

May 2016 Manx Sea Fishing

May didn’t really turn out how I was expecting, fair to say the weather was poor. A couple of sessions from the rocks earlier in the month was added to a couple of trips out in the boat towards the end of the month when summer arrived but that was about it.

On the plus side of things at least there are loads of fish about. My 2 rock sessions were supposed to be HRF trips looking for Wrasse, however the Callig (Pollack) this year have got to be around in record numbers and no matter how much I slowed things down they always seemed to be first to find the lure. Not good. No size to them either which I didn’t mind too much because a 4-5lb fish on the tackle I was using would have made things very interesting…and there’s only so many times I can tie a new leader on to braid before I get fed up.

It’s pretty much the same story from the boat as well. Callig, Callig everywhere, although of course the size is a bit better and on those 2 trips in May we did mange fish up to around 6lb, not massive but getting there. As far as lures go the Lemon Savage Sandeel still accounts for 90% of all our fish. I went through the entire tackle box on the 27th and even with so many fish about it was noticeable just how much more effective the Savage Sandeel and in particular the lemon back is. If only somebody could come up with a cheaper lure in those same colours so I could compare like for like? As it stands if you’re used to feathers and aren’t sure what you are doing with a spinning rod from the boat then I’d strongly recommend a couple of packets of Savage Sandeels, a short cast and a slow retrieve, you can’t go wrong at the minute.

Callig with the odd Coalfish are great and all that but with so many small Codling appearing a bit further offshore I really wanted to see if I could find a decent one on one of the inshore marks, the same marks covered in Callig. I did manage to come up with a technique that worked and I managed a better Codling of 4lb 4oz using it but more about that next month, I’ve been doing the same thing in June and it’s definitely been picking out the better fish and the odd Codling so I’ll go over it in detail then.

What about the rest of the island? To be honest I’ve not heard that much because I think people have been stuck in the same boat (or not) as me with regards to the weather. The Haddock fishing offshore on the east coast has been good, the Callig fishing around Port St Mary has been superb (although again I haven’t heard of anybody catching any monsters) and the Mackerel are here earlier than the last couple of years. Oh and if you’ve ever wanted to catch a Dogfish (as if you would) then this year seems to be the year to do it. Things I haven’t heard tale of yet are Bass, Tope or Flatties. The last of which is going to be something I’m going to be looking at a lot more in the next few months. The Isle of Man Plaice hunt is well and truly back on again.

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