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    about 2 days ago

May/June 2015 Sea Fishing Report

The fact that I’m rolling May and June in to one update sort of tells you everything you need to know about how much fishing I’ve done over the last couple of months, not to mention just how great the weather has been over here!

May – Not many chances to get out, when we did there were plenty of fish out there. Towards the end of the month the first reports of Tope being caught started to come in. Castletown bay and the surrounding area was holding good numbers of Cod and over on the west coast around Port Erin the school Bass were showing up. All this on lures, Savage Gear sandeels being about the most cost effective way of ensuring a good day out. Further up the west coast towards Peel things were a little slack, plenty of Callig, Coalfish and Wrasse with still a hangover of winter Mackerel about. Basically when the weather was nice and we got the chance to get out there were always fish to be caught.

June – Hmmm. I’m not sure where the wind came from but up until today (8th of July) it’s hardly stopped. I did get a couple of trips out BUT none were really comfortable or for that matter planned. It was always a case of going last minute when the weather gave us a break. Around the 10th the plankton bloom hit it in full and the fishing died a death. All the sopts that were throwing up 20-30 Callig an hour 2 weeks earlier were blanking, fish showing on the sounder and even on camera but not feeding. It was at this point I got fed up with the weather and we decided to go on a family holiday and find somewhere/anywhere where the temperature would get above 15 degrees c. I’ve caught up with what was happening whilst I was away and as it turns out not a lot. The Mackerel on the west coast are now few and far between, however Tope are being landed. The rest of the fishing is still quite slow. The biggest complaint I’ve heard from everybody is about the weather, I was away 20 days, 2 of which were fishable….in June and July. That’s really bad.

July – Looking at the long range forecast it’s not looking much better than June. Once I’ve caught up on work my plan is simply to have a couple of days shore fishing in whatever shelter I can find. Fingers crossed we get some sort of a high pressure system in to settle it down or else this is going to be the quietest boat fishing summer I’ve ever had.

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