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    about 2 days ago

November and December 2013 Sea Fishing Update

I’m going to role 2 months into 1 because quite frankly just about bugger all happened in Decemeber and not a whole lot more in Novemeber either!

Novemeber – The weather was bad, we got 2 trips out in the boat and I tried a couple of times for a Bass from the shore, I figured with the sea temperature holding up around 10-10.5 degrees it had to be worth a go? As it turned out, it wasn’t! The boat fishing did end on a high though and if you’ve seen our YouTube video of our last trip out on the 23rd of November you’ll see what I mean. We caught some really nice Callig in a short space of time, it was hand over fist for a while. The trouble when the weather is like this is that it’s very hard to get more than a couple of hours out and when you do it’s hard to spend that rare opportunity nailing baits to the bottom for a bit of variety. Even on that trip we only got an hour fishing over our choses spot before having to get closer to home. I did think that maybe we’d get a late run of Cod on the west side of the island but it never happened. Last year must have been a fluke.

On the east code however it was a different story. The odd nice rock Cod was still showing up in November not to mention Black Bream as well. In fact the general ground fishing was still throwing up plenty of species all the way through November, are we jealous? A little. Do I regret bringing Kirsty II around to the west coast? A little. Still, work is under way to have In The Red fitting out properly ready for the start of this season and we will be out and about on the east coast a lot more in 2014.

December – If November had bad weather I’d hate to think what you’d call Decembers? Absolute f*****g s**t maybe. The worst set of storms I can ever remember, I’ve lost a shed and fence, my boat has been battered to within an inch of its life and the old mans looks a right mess sat on its trailer. We didn’t move anywhere. In fact the only boat fishing update I have for December is this gem from the old man “They’ve been catching Cod out there?” – Me, “Who has been out, where?” – Old Man, “Don’t know but somebody has been out and they said there’s Cod”. Genius. I spent 3 very cold winters chasing winter Cod around here, burning a lot of fuel and catching nothing.

Finally then the shore fishing. The clear highlight has to be the Bass caught in one of the local comps in November, great fishing that, a lot of skill. Other than that we are absolutely in the territory of Coalfish and Doggies. I did try for a Bass in November but had no joy, the HRF was still picking up the odd Callig but no Wrasse as of yet. That’s another thing on my to-do list for 2014.

So that is about that, not a great end to 2013 but we are hoping for better things in 2014, I hope you all get plenty of chances to fish and that 2014 delivers some new personal bests for you.

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