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  • Whiting, millions of them...and nothing else. #whiting #fishing #isleofman #boatfishing #catchandrelease
    about 2 days ago
  • Smile. Had them literally leaping out of the water today. #fishing #boatfishing #seafishing #lurefishing…
    about 3 days ago

November & December 2014 Fishing Report

November 2014 – Lots Of Fish About

I can’t over state just how much life there was in the sea in November. I’m not sure if it was to do with sea temperatures holding up the couple of degrees warmer that they had been all summer (12 celcius compared to the usual 10 for November) or whether there are other changes afoot in the Irish Sea but around our coast it was literally rammed with fish.We didn’t get out that often but when we did there was no problem catching with small Callig (Pollack) holding every single patch of weed and rock. I’ve never seen so many so late in the year. Large shoals of Coalfish up to 2-3lb could also be found without much effort, they give an even better fight than the Callig and in one 30 minute spell I counted 27 fish come over the side. Peel breakwater was still holding Mackerel, obviously not in huge numbers but more than made it for in size, there were some monster about. We also had a pretty good late run of Flounders in and around the harbours. Our final boat trip took place on the 26th of the month and by bouncing Gulp Lugowrms along the bottom the Wrasse fishing was as good as it had been at any time during the warmest months, it really was a brilliant way to end the years boat fishing. I was tempted to not mist the engine and to carry on through December but with the way the weather was looking and with our work on the house running 6 weeks behind I decided better of it. Looking back it was probably the right decision.

December 2014 – Dogfish, Coalfish And Even Some Cod

With the boat well and truly put to bed any fishing was going to be from solid ground. December brought with it much cooler sea temperatures and as expected the fishing dropped off quite dramatically. This is the norm on the island, we really don’t get much of a winter season. I love reading all the reports of monster Cod down off the south coast this time of year but it is something I don’t think we’ll ever get to enjoy this far north. Believe me I’ve tried. Try looking at some of the older reports for the money that I’ve wasted on bait and fuel over winter looking for elusive Cod…without so much as a bite. In saying that our Cod fishing this year was as good as I can ever remember it and this has carried on a little bit with Codling showing up every now and then around the breakwaters in Douglas. Patience and plenty of worm seems to do the trick. Just to add to the white fish revival it was also nice to see reports of Haddock turning up in Douglas bay, nothing big of course but just the fact they are there gives me hope for the future. It is traditional for this time of year for 2 Dogfish and a Coaly to win the local shore comps but again 2014 has brought with it better fishing than that.

So that wraps up 2014. It was a bumper year for fishing around the Isle of Man and all things being even it bodes very well for the next couple of years. The only slight downer was the weather again, I really feel sorry for anybody trying to make a living out on the water around here. Our summers seem to be getting shorter and shorter and the days when you feel confident spending the whole day at sea are few and far between. Perhaps that’s why the fishing is so good…now there’s a thought.

Anyway, a belated all the best for 2015, I’ve got 2 new years resolutions, big Bass and big Plaice!

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