Norway – the land of very expensive beer, 24 hour daylight during the summer but even more importantly, massive Cod! Every year keen anglers from the UK take advantage of the short flight over to Norway to try their hand at experiencing what fishing used to be like in the UK…before commercial fleets decimated are waters. Are you getting ready to Pirk Yourself Up?

Big Norway CodWhether you are going to join another 20 anglers on a trawler or are hiring your own self drive boat for a week you are still going to need the right gear for your Norway fishing trip. Whilst pirks were once the be all and end all you now have more options and to be honest most of the biggest fish these days are caught on massive shads. One of the most popular brands is the Savage Gear Cutbait Herring series, some popular patterns that are regularly catching 30lb+ Cod are:-

Savage Gear Cut Bait Herring Puffin

Savage Gear Cut Bait Herring Orange/Pearl

Pirks still account for lots of fish and no doubt you’ll catch plenty on them but when it comes to catching moster Cod in cold Norwegian waters you’ll not go wrong with those monster shads.

The Best Rod For Norway?

Most fishing trips to Norway offer some sort of rod hire, but be warned, there is a cultural difference in what we call fishing and what they call fishing. If you’re hiring gear then most of the time you can expect broom handle thickness rods with massive winching reels. Do yourself a favour and bring your favourite 20lb-30lb class boat road instead. You’ll have a lot more fun catching fish that way. The only problem with this is if you have to bring a rod tube then it can get very expensive with connecting flights. Luckily rod manufacturers make some excellent 4 and 6 piece bod rods these days and for less than the extra price for shipping a rod tube over a couple of flights there and back you could pick up one of these rods which are ideal (and will fit in your standard suitcase):-

Penn Powerstix Pro Travel Boat Rod

Blackrock Geotrex 8ft Travel Rod

Load your reel up with 30lb-50lb line and you’re good to go.