If you’re going to start boat fishing in a new area then you either need some generous local contacts or you hope that it’s the sort of location that is full of fish. To be honest if you head around the south of the Isle of Man then you’re well in the land of the second statement, especially if you hang around the Calf of Man. It is possible to catch plenty of Callig, Mackerel and Coalies just using a fish finder and a bit of common sense. For other areas around the island the fishing marks can be very localised and you’ll not find too many people happy to share their own particular hot spots. I wish I had a pound for everybody who had dropped their boat in at the slipway in Peel only to say the fishing was crap, it’s the same at Ramsey and Douglas. It’s all about the local knowledge. There are very few places left where you can buy a boat, put it in the water and head blindly out to sea catching fish.

So where do you start? You could do much worse than these 3 books, one is a divers guide which points out specific areas around the Manx coast where there are interesting bottom structure, one is a divers guide to the inshore wrecks around the island (including fishing reports) and the other features many more wrecks sank in deeper water around the Manx coast. The divers book in particular offers great insight into places where there will be fish holding up very close to shore but for the most part out of reach of shore anglers. Between these 3 books you’ll have a good set of GPS figures to get you started. It also makes it much easier to get information out of others if you’ve got something to share in return.