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  • Whiting, millions of them...and nothing else. #whiting #fishing #isleofman #boatfishing #catchandrelease
    about 2 days ago

Sea Fishing – March 2012

What a remarkably crap start to the fishing year it has been in 2012. Despite some decent spells of weather and to be honest an amazing 3-4 days towards the end of March there are still very few fish about. Here’s hoping that April sees things starting to really pick up.

We’ve had our first couple of shore trips of the year but both have been an almost total washout. It’s amazing how little life there is about, even fish baits put hard on the bottom haven’t attracted the attention of crabs! The local harbours are producing nothing of any significance so I think it will be a good 4 or 5 weeks until we try that again, frozen bait at this time of year is just too expensive to be throwing it away on a regular basis.

The boat has seen plenty of action in terms of days out at sea but again not a lot being caught. A 10 mile trip to a local deep water mark right under some cliffs did finally break the duck for the year, small Coalies and some nice Pollack, the biggest getting close to double figures (unfortunately snapped off at the side of the boat).

Around about the middle of the month the Mackerel starting to show up in real numbers. One 2 hour session producing enough bait to keep us going for the whole summer! Not only have the shoals been about but also some proper specimens. A trip north a couple of weeks ago resulted in half a dozen Mackerel all of which broke the 2lb mark and one which easily cleared 3lb. That fish being the largest Mackerel I’ve seen caught in over 25 years of sea fishing and fantastic sport on the light spinning rods we were using.

The end of March was spent trying to track down some elusive Cod but without any joy. Even enlisting the help of the local Crab fishermen (who’ll usually know where the Cod are from what turns up in their pots) didn’t produce anything worthwhile. As they put it “they’re just not about”. Congratulations do have to go to the old man though whose patience paid off during those barmy hot days we had recently by catching several Bull Huss. Not really a target species for us but taking into account the lack of fish in the water at the moment, anything will do!

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