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    about 2 days ago

September 2013 Fishing Report

September was the month that just never stopped giving…giving crap weather that was. I hope you can appreciate just how annoying it is to see so many of the people I follow in Instagram out there enjoying their fishing in flat seas and warm sunshine whilst we endure endless cycles of strong westerly winds! For as great as July was August and September have been equally bad, we went fishing 6 times (doesn’t sound so bad) but 4 of those were in conditions that could best be described as lumpy (or rough as f*** to be a bit more agricultural). Desperation kicked in a couple of times.

Our biggest Callig from September, a touch under 8lb.

Our biggest Callig from September, a touch under 8lb.

So how was the fishing? Err alright I suppose sums it up. There are huge numbers of small Callig (Pollack) about which is making picking out the better ones a bit of a ball ache. The Bass are here, there have been plenty caught from the shore at Peel and of course further north along the west coast. However they’ve not been having any of it from the boat, 3 of those trips in September were to specifically target Bass along the coast, even getting right in where they are being caught from the shore, but there was no joy. To be fair the weather has been far from ideal with extremely fast drifts and then a rocking boat as soon as you get 100 yards from the land. The end of September did give us one settled day to try but as sods law would have it it also happened to be a really bright sunny day with the tide in the afternoon, not exactly perfect shallow water Bass conditions. We didn’t blank, small Callig and Coalfish kept us entertained for the afternoon but not the Bass we wanted.

Surprise Ling caught on a Sidewinder

Surprise Ling caught on a Sidewinder

Our best trip out was on the 25th of the month when the winds decided to be nice to us (North East) and sit perfectly with the drift we wanted over a local reef mark. Two days earlier I’d filmed the same spot under water and we caught virtually nothing of note but on this day with the drift right we had plenty of Callig up to 6lb, a couple of nice Codling and I even got the bonus of a very nice inshore Ling, the first one I’d ever caught from there as well as the first one I’d caught on a Sidewinder lure (Firetail Mackerel). The was one of those bonus days when the tide was too late to make it worth getting my boat out of the marina but thanks to having the other boat on a trailer we still got a nice afternoons fishing.

Overall then the boat fishing was good but not great, I think we were more disappointed at not getting the monster Callig because with the weather being how it was there was an expectation that the fish would have been left well alone for a long time to fatten up, but we’ve still got October to go yet.

The shore fishing is good at the moment, there are some big Mackerel being caught from Peel breakwater and as I said before the Bass are about if you’re prepared to be out either early morning or even better later in the evening.

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