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  • Whiting, millions of them...and nothing else. #whiting #fishing #isleofman #boatfishing #catchandrelease
    about 2 days ago
  • Smile. Had them literally leaping out of the water today. #fishing #boatfishing #seafishing #lurefishing…
    about 3 days ago

The Rest Of 2015 Manx Sea Fishing Report

Apologies for taking almost 6 months to update but it’s been a pretty busy time and a few things had to take a back seat. It’s a very long and boring story but the short version is that I spent 4 years of my life working my ass off building a Titanic of a business that allowed me enjoy things outside of work. I then had 4 years where I could relax a bit, you know do things normal people do like go fishing etc The business helped companies make more money in return for them paying a percentage of the extra money they made. A really simple idea in theory but one which took a lot of setting up and strange work hours but with a very diverse set of clients I had the unsinkable ship. Or so I thought. In July 2015 it hit no fewer than 4 icebergs in the space of 2 weeks. The shit hit the fan. The impossible happened! So I’ve spent the last 6 months working my ass off to stabilise a sinking ship, we’re limping on by and I’ve got some pretty big decisions to make this year. The world has moved on a lot since I established what I do. The only real silver lining has been that it all happened at a time when the weather meant I didn’t feel like I was missing out too much. The good news is that no matter what happens there will always be time for fishing, I have to, it’s the only way I relax!

Instead of doing a month by month review of what happened I’ll just go over some rough detail and then a few highlights. Basically 2016 carried on in fine form, the Mackerel were plentiful all the way up until the beginning of November which was the last time we got out in the boat. The biggest moan was that the summer Cod we’d experienced the last couple of years never turned up in any real numbers, yes a couple were caught but much more by luck than judgement and the size was small. Callig on the other hand were everywhere and the size just gets better and better, we had several in double figures during August and September and a hell of a lot in the 7-8lb bracket. The Tope were doing their usual trick where you never seem to catch them around high water, this was a theme that continued from last year and by September I’d given up fishing for them over the times we could get out of the marina. Then on one random trip in October whilst looking for Cod around the Targets I had the sort take that is unmistakable. It seems that I’d found a mark where the Tope were feeding over high water to the point they were smashing in to sets of baited feathers. Oops. What followed was 3 Tope all 40lb+ in the space of an hour and a lot of messing when you’re fishing on your own. Followed by a nice 2lb Tub Gurnard. Still no Cod though. It’s a bit of a steam but one which will be getting done more often in 2016 if the weather gods play ball.

A memorable trip in August saw us head for one of our regular wrecks for a bit of fun Conger bashing, that was the plan anyway. Instead we were plagued by Spurdogs, not your run of the mill 5-6lb Spurdogs but great big buggers. The couple we weighed tipped the scales at around 15lb and that was a fair average for the day with several noticeably bigger. Chuck in some good Ling and it made for a nice day out, cooked alive under a baking sun with not a breath of wind. Perfect. Those days were very few and far between and it really did feel like this year was much more windy than average, a stat since backed up by the local weather reviews of 2015. It was fortunate then that we did get the chance or another day our early in September and it was that trip where we saw our biggest breakthrough yet. How many years have I been writing about catching a Bass from the boat? Well it finally happened. As sods law would have it it was a day where I had the wife and daughter out with me on a day chilling so the old man took the other boat out. We pulled over to see how he was doing and he proudly holds up an 8lb Bass, caught no more than a hundred yards from the shore in a spot where I’d lost 3 big fish (biting Savage Sandeels in half) not a week before. Still that’s the voodoo over, proves it is possible, not only are good Bass available in Manx waters over the late summer but they can be targeted from a “normal” sized boat.

So what will 2016 bring? To be honest not much early on because I’ll be spending most of my time working until the weather begins to pick up. In previous years I’d have taken every chance to get out even during January and February but I’m happy to work now for the chance of days out later on. If you are out and about though you’ll be glad to know that as like last year the Callig have stuck around over the winter. The other thing about this year is that I’m hoping to finally get all the people out that have asked over the last 12 months. It seems that everybody and their dog wants a trip out and what is already a very buoyant fishing scene over here is only likely to go from strength to strength. If only we had any sort of weather to make it a viable business I’d have my perfect job!










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