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Winter Pollack Fishing

When it comes to catching any species of fish it is important to know as much about your prey as possible, fishing for Pollack in winter is no exception.

winter pollack fishing

Winter Pollack: Whilst to the novice all Pollack seem equal this isn’t exactly true for the Pollack you’ll catch in winter. They tend to be much bigger than the summer fish, 20lb Pollack caught in December, January, February are not rare and your chances of topping the 15lb mark are very good. In winter male Pollack appear longer whilst the females are shorter and fatter (full of roe). Some would argue that the fight from a winter Pollack is not as explosive as the summer fish but even so this is a species that can put a serious bend in most rods.

Bait: Pollack love to hunt, any type of small bait species is on the menu including but not limited to Sprats, Herring, Mackeral and Squid. I’ve personally caught more winter Pollack on Sprat than any other type of bait which is a surprise becuase in the summer they can take them or leave them. Getting fresh suuplies of bait during winter can be a task in itself so some planning will be required (or simply ask your skipper to provide bait).

Where To Catch Winter Pollack: The bulk of UK winter Pollack fishing happens in the English Channel stretching all the way from Lands End to the Solent. During November the large fish start to appear at lands end working their way east as the season progresses. Maybe as a side affect of the seas getting warmer Pollack are now also a species which can be targetted further north during the winter months. Good sized fish have been landed as far north as the south west tip of Scotland over recent winters although for the real monsters your best best is the English Channel.

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