May 2013 Sea Fishing Update

It’s taken a little while to write this because I’ve had better things to do, namely going fishing. In the last week we’ve enjoyed weather the likes of which we’ve not seen for years and I’ve been taking full advantage, sometimes working for yourself has plus points! But this is the May report so this is what went on.

The most important thing for us was that the Mackerel that looked like they were starting to show never did materialise in any real numbers, certainly not on the west coast. This of course meant no Tope and very little of anything other than Callig and Coalfish. Talking of which the Coalies are back with a vengeance, not since I was a kid have so many been caught. The Callig are also here in serious numbers although the size is not great, especially north of Peel. If you know where to look there are large shoals of fish under 1 pound. We are still pulling in some decent fish if we head south, May didn’t see any double figure fish but we are slowly edging closer. It’s still the case that frozen Sandeels pull out the numbers whilst artificials like Sidewinders catch all our bigger fish.

Just to show how bad things are over this side I spent the whole day at sea on the 19th, a 12 hour stretch covering over 40 miles off the west coast including a wreck that should be producing. It did produce….Pouting. That’s a long old day and a lot of fuel for Pouting! In the end I had to give up and hit some of the regular inshore spots to get some nice Callig for a meal. Still, it’s better than working.

On the east coast things have picked up a little quicker and with the bait fish established off Douglas head towards the end of the month the more interesting summer species are in town. I’ve seen reports of the first Tope being caught. On the bad side the rock and reef fishing is still slow over that side as well. When things do pickup we have the new boat on the trailer and ready to go, I can’t wait to get down the south east coast and see what’s about.

Fishing from the shore hasn’t really picked up in May either. Without the Mackerel things just seem to be 4-5 weeks behind. There are loads of small Coalfish behind Peel breakwater whilst Port St Mary promises a few better fish and the chance of a nice Wrasse. The competition lads aren’t setting the world alight but I was told of a Spotted Ray being caught from one of the north west beaches, as far as I know that’s a new species from the shore on the Isle of Man. Seeing as how there are Wrasse about in all the usual rocky spots I’m going to try something new, I’m just waiting for it to get here but I’ll be doing a lot of HRF this year, I figure that seeing as how they are available it will be a useful backup if we don’t get the weather for the boat and I need a fishing fix.

Finally I did get the chance to take the GoPro out again in May and have now mapped a couple more of our usual fishing spots. I can confirm that the “famous” sand banks behind Peel Hill are nothing of the sort and the Cains Trees is nothing like what people expect. Oh and that huge stretches of the seabed of the west coast seem to be completely void of any life, but I suppose we knew that already anyway.

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