Manx Shipping & Wind Forecast

You’ll not find too many hobbies that are more dictated to by the weather than that of sea fishing. Everything we do depends on the weather, even when it seems to be nice it might be the wrong weather for catching fish so staying up to date is not only vital for our safety but also for our catch rates! Of course there are a great many sources of weather information out there but the majority of people stick with the MET office, this isn’t always the best idea so these are the weather (and in particular wind) sources/forecasts we use on a regular basis:-

Alexa – Manx Shipping Forecast

Have you got one of Amazons fancy Echo or Echo Dot devices? If so you can get the latest Manx shipping forecast and tide information just by asking for it. I’ve quickly put it together making the Isle of Man one of the first places in the world to have a shipping forecast and tide information available through Alexa.

Met Office Shipping Forecast

Provides a nice overview but we’ve found them to concentrate on offshore waters a little too much. In other words we’ve lost plenty of days at sea when the Met office predicted bad things that didn’t have any impact on us up to a couple of miles out.

WindGuru Wind Predictions

We’ve been using WindGuru for years and it’s proven to be reliable over 90% of the time. If anything they can slightly over estimate wind speed but usually not by much in in terms of getting information about wind direction (important if you are looking for some shelter from the land) it’s second to none. Please note that the link above is for Weymouth, just change the location in the dropdown to get the wind predictions for your area.

Magicseaweed – Swell And Wind

The surfers main source of information but also useful for anglers looking for swell, wind and pressure predictions. Great for seeing that never ending supply of North Atlantic Lows rolling in 😉

XCWeather – Past And Current Wind

Ideal for those that like BIG arrows. More about what has and is happening right now than future presictions but extremely useful if you live away from the coast and want to know what has been happening in the last few hours before setting off.

On top of these I’d strongly recommend that if any local weather stations are available in the areas you want to fish you monitor them. For example the Isle of Man government has been very nice in installing weather stations on most piers. Another useful tool is the abundance of webcams available. Sometimes a force 3 in one direction is fine but in another could cause the sea to heap up. Getting eyes on confirmation is always the best policy and there are no shortage of webcams dotted around the UK coast.

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