Welcome to Manx Sea Fishing, we really believe that the Isle of Man provides some of the best sea fishing of anywhere in the British Isles. Isle of Man fishing opportunities are numerous and we try to get out as often as possible and share them with people.

Although the Isle of Man is only a small island it provides such a diverse marine environment that it has long been recognised by divers and anglers alike as a “place to try”. In terms of inshore reef fishing for species like Pollack (Calig locally), Cod and Coalfish (Bloggan locally) you’ll find it hard to beat with any number of spots available in the south of the island from both the shore and the boat. Our breakwaters and piers provide easy access to large numbers of summer fish, perfect for all the family, from the abundance of Mackerel that are caught from Peel breakwater to the Wrasse and Coalfish that won’t leave baits alone down at Port St Mary. For the serious anglers out there there is also plenty of opportunities for large Tope from the shore in the North West of the island. Then there are the Bass which whilst only appearing in recent times are becoming more prolific as each year passes. It is only a matter of time before double figure Bass are a regular occurrence of the Isle of Man.

We are going to do our best to document what we are catching, where and how and hopefully spread the word about just how good the fishing around the Isle of Man can be. If you’re on holiday then there is a small but dedicated number of charter boats available from various ports around the island or alternatively the shore fishing is always freely available. If you see anything that interests you then please feel free to get in touch with us or leave a comment.

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