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Peel – Isle of Man

Peel is our home port and where we do most of our boat fishing from. Being on the west of the island it is very open to the predominantly west winds that we get during low pressure cycles although by far the worst winds are from the north and north east. Good rough ground fishing can be found as you head south towards Niarbyl whilst going north gives the best chance of a summer Tope. Peel Marina is controlled via a flapgate which allows access approximately 2 hours either side of high water (you can ignore the times in the Government guide, it will be 2 hours for an average tide up to around 2 hours 20 for a spring tide).

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Ever Wonder Why Peel Beach Is Rotten?

According to this report the water quality at Peel is crap. It’s common knowledge that there is a raw sewege outfall pipe “off” the breakwater but I don’t think a lot of people realise just how close it actually is. I wonder if people would be so keen to keep and eat their catch from the breakwater if they knew? The side scan image below shows where the pipe runs with the exit poop shoot circled in red.

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