Fishing Webcam

Edit April 2017 – Video Is Live
We now have a pretty good idea of where we can and can’t get 4G coverage whilst out at sea. So with that in mind we will now be switching over wherever possible to full live streaming video coverage. Depending on where we are and signal coverage this will either be through the Periscope service supplied by Twitter or via Facebook. So please “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Periscope to get notified when we go live!

Remember besides the fishing, Basking sharks and many forms of marine mammal are common visitors in the waters around the Isle of Man and when we encounter them I’ll do my best to get it on live stream.

Welcome to our webcam where we’re going to do something that I don’t think has ever been done anywhere before (2012 when we started this), we’re going to run a webcam live from our boat every time we’re out fishing. For the moment this is more of a test so you’ll have to excuse the limitations, namely that it will be a still image webcam and that the image will only be updated once a minute. Once everything has been tested and I get some data on the bandwidth requirements (and we get a reliable 4G network) I’ll try and turn it into a live streaming cam or at the very least higher quality images several times a minute.

Fishing Webcam - Isle of Man

(Please refresh your browser for the latest webcam image)

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