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Insight Genesis vs DrDepth – The Best Chart For Sea Fishing?

If you’ve never heard of either Insight Genesis or DrDepth then let me quickly explain what they are. Essentially they are both tools for creating your own charts based on recordings made with your combination fish finder/GPS. By extracting depth and bottom hardness information from these recordings charts can be made that can then be loaded on to your plotter giving you a much more accurate picture of the sea bottom. DrDepth was a program written to work worth with many different types of sounder but has since been bought by Humminbird, Insight Genesis is Lowrances own version of the same thing. I hope that all makes sense?

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Starbrite Plastic Glass Review

Starbrite Cealr Plastci SystemWith no windscreen wiper and having had to put up with some fairly nasty sea conditions this year (water over the front of the boat) the windscreen on the Merry Fisher was definitely looking a little worse for wear. The real problem was when the sun hit it the number of minor scratches made it almost impossible to see clearly and so it had got to the stage where it was either fix or replace. There’s just too many crab pots around here to be running around half blind! Having priced up a replacement I decided to give the Starbrite Clear Plastic system a go first, this is how I got on.

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Livebaiting For Bass

The Bass hunt goes on. We were actually out initially on one of our closest rough ground marks catching a few Pollack for the pot when on the way in I decided to go and get some Mackerel for the wife, her and my daughter love Mackerel above all other fish (yes I include Bass and Brill in that). The sea was blowing a fresh wind over tide force 5 and it wasn’t really fit to be out, then we had a massive surprise.

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Sea Fishing – How To Read Your Fishfinder Correctly

“There’s loads of fish under the boat…RIGHT NOW!!!”. I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve heard that, even when tied up in the marina! Of course the chances of there being a huge shoal of fish under your boat whilst it is tied up is minimal at best but that still doesn’t stop people believing the magic under water all seeing eye instead of what their own brain is telling them. You buy the fishfinder and you believe everything it says. Don’t. So for beginners and experienced anglers alike here is the correct way of reading what your fishfinder is telling you.

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Boat Fishing Doesn’t Get More Frustrating Than This!

You know the story, you’ve been sat on your hands for weeks waiting for any sign of a break in the weather. In the mean time your pride and joy has been sat tied up against the harbour wall turning itself into one hugely expensive harbour ornament. Then it happens, by sheer luck the weather abates and the tides just fall right so that you can finally have a couple of hours at sea. You’re burning your expensive fuel on the short run to your first mark of the day, battling the sea which hasn’t quite flattened as much as the forecast “promised” then you arrive, your much prized but so far under used fishfinder greets you with this:-

Lots of fish, Humminbird 798 CXI HD SI Combo

And that’s when it goes down hill!

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