How To Pendulum Cast

The Pendulum Cast is the most powerful of all the beach casting methods.

The pendulum cast by as its name suggests involves an initial rocking motion followed by a powerful follow through action. This cast is only really used by tournament casters or for those beach anglers who require a bait to be placed at an extreme distance e.g. on a very shallow sloping beach. If that third breaker is out near the horizon then that’s when the pendulum cast comes in handy!

In order to perform the pendulum cast you will need a suitable Beach Casting rod matched with a high quality casting multiplier. This cast is not for beginners and whilst learning you should expect the occasional birds nest until your reel control is up to scratch. As with all beech casting make sure that you use a suitably strong shock leader, 10lb per ounce is a good minimum guideline. You will not be able to cast soft baits using this method and all baits should be securely fastened to the hook, it’s a real pain to have to wind in 200+ yards of line after your bait has gone in the opposite direction.

How To Pendulum Cast

  1. Place the feet left foot pointing towards the target, your right foot at an angle between 75 – 120 degrees to the target. Lift the rod to the vertical and allow the lead to drop to about eye level. Make sure that there is plenty of leader on the reel at this point (this is VERY important).
  2. Twist at the waist to face as far away from the direction of the cast as possible. Now you need to practice the pendulum action so that at the upper end of the swing the lead is flying parallel to the ground. The pendulum goes away from the body and back towards the body. Start building the cast slowly when the lead is on its way to heading back towards the body.

  3. Start to load the rod. DO NOT bring the power on too early or the lead will snap off. Look towards where you are going to cast and see the sinker out of the corner of your eye

  4. Once the waist releases, the power is applied with the leading arm (left) pulling and the trailing arm (right) punching. The but of the rod should end up just below your ribs with your eyes looking firmly at the target.

pendulum castingpendulum casting

pendulum castingpendulum casting

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  1. David Holloway Reply

    Use pendulum with black lug and mackerel tip on circle hook fishing from Rossall Beach Cleveleys and although flat sand will use this cast in rough sea where the seabed is being disturbed and the fish have no need to come nearer to the shore searching for food ; up to now has had no affect on lug. When moderate sea the fish tend to be nearer to shore and in this case will revert to overhead.

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