November 2012 Sea Fishing Report

November turned out to be a bit of a bonus month, whilst we only got out 3 times it was worth it with good Pollack hanging around a little longer than in previous years. Winter has been a slow burner this year but now it looks like it is fully upon us so decisions were made and the fuel has been treated, the engine fogged and the extra shore lines attached, we’re not going anywhere until the weather warms up a bit!

However back to November, besides the Pollack which were good sized and plentiful (all within a stones throw of the breakwater) we also got a random Cod. Talk about a surprise, it turned up in a spot where in 16 years we’ve never caught one and it wasn’t alone either. Just as we thought we were on to a great session though one of the local seals turned up and the fishing went dead. Bastard. You don’t normally get the seals that far out and it was obvious he was there for the same reason we were. And that’s really how we finished our season because the next time we tried the fishing had reduced to small Pollack which were hard work in freezing weather conditions, that’s when we decided to call it a day.

In general the boat fishing around the island has been quiet towards the end of the year but there are some reports of good numbers of Black Bream being caught around the south of the island (size nothing special), unfortunately our closest known Bream mark is a 20 mile round trip and I just wouldn’t fancy making it this time of year where the sea can change in the space of 2 minutes. There are still a few sizable Pollack around if you know where to look but they are few and far between.

I haven’t fished from the shore since I gave up on landing that big Bass but from what I can gather it’s mainly Dogfish and Coalies again. The Bass are still here in localised (rocky) pockets but there’s no way I’m sharing them with you 🙂 It is obviously backend though and the best of the fishing is behind us, here’s looking forward to a better summer next year. We’ve had a great year for catching just a shitbag in terms of the weather….it’s got to be better next year, hasn’t it?

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