Switching Back To Mono

Having switched all our light boat gear over to braid with a flouro leader it seems a shame to switch back but the truth seems to be that for our type of fishing the mono just works better.

We got out on Monday for an evening session catching Pollack close in, about 50 feet of water, heavy plankton on the surface but if you’ve ever seen any of my GoPro underwater videos (Youtube Link) you’ll know how clear the waters around the Isle of Man are once you get down a bit. There were 2 of us fishing, one with an old school 15lb clear mono straight through setup and me with 20lb braid connected to 8 feet of 15lb flouro leader. We were both using the same lures, medium sized Savage Sandeels. These lures don’t cause line twist so there was no swivels or anything like that.

As expected for an evening session with a bit of ripple on the water we absolutely nailed the fish, I lost count in the end but there was one thing that was perfectly clear and that was the mono setup was out fishing the braid one AT LEAST 5 fish to 1. We were casting within feet of each other yet almost every time the fish jumped straight onto the lure tied to mono. Even when that lure was nearing the end of its life it could still perform better than the braid setup. I have noticed similar things on previous days out but without having the direct comparison of the same lure it was hard to confirm, but now I’ve seen enough to know that it’s time to switch back. If you’re using light spinning gear, in shallow’ish water trying to catch Pollack from the boat then mono is definitely the way forward. I guess it just shows you that new things aren’t always best. Obviously there are real advantages to using braid in deeper water and faster tide runs but for the majority of the fishing we do which is inshore reef fishing it just doesn’t work as well.

The next test to do will be to compare a lure directly tied on and those with a clip of some sort for quick changes. I have a gut feeling from how things have been in the last month but it will be nice to get a direct like for like comparison before forming any proper conclusions.

Edit – Just checked back, 58 fish, mostly Pollack and a couple of Mackerel in just under 2 hours fishing.

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