January 2013 Sea Fishing Report

I lied. We weren’t supposed to be going anywhere in the boat until the weather warmed up a bit but then seeing as how the wind dropped a little during January we took a chance.

Boat number 2 in the fleet was called into action and we headed for the last place we had caught Cod prior to Christmas, chucked the anchor out and put some very smelly, Crab, Lug and Squid baits on the bottom. Nothing. On checking the GPS we’d found that our anchoring was a little “off” (or about 100 yards to be exact!) and so we moved and tried again. Nothing. Once we’d given it the 4 hours over high tide and completely frozen through we called it a day, heading back into the harbour without so much as a bite and swearing that we were really going to give it a miss this time….Until a few days later. With the recent failure long fogotten we decided to give it another go only this time heading much further up the coast. 30 minutes steam later we arrived at the mark, dropped the anchor and then started fishing. A mere 15 minutes after this the force 4-5 easterly wind decided to strengthen and swing, losing our shelter from the land things were turning a bit hairy scary. It was then a mad dash back to port and safety. If anything this was an even colder trip than the last one, again without so much as a bite and believe me we’ve really had our fill of boat fishing on the west of the island for now.

Which brings me on to better news. I’ve just bought another boat to go with the Merry Fisher. It’s a Warrior 150 and a much more mobile beast altogether. The plan is that we won’t be limited to marina gate times (2 hours either side of high tide) or which side of the Isle of Man we fish from. It’s only a small island and 9 times out of 10 there is somewhere that is sheltered from the wind which never seems to stop blowing, for the last couple of years anyway. It opens up some better fishing grounds and gives us a much better chance of getting to sea on days that suit. I’m actually looking forward to seeing some different coastal scenary as well and it will be nice to discover some new marks, having fished the west coast for so many years everything is a little bit routine right now! Just make sure nobody tells the wife.

Finally we did a little bit of shore fishing in January as well, a couple of trips to Port St Mary breakwater produced a few small Coalfish so nothing to write home about. In fairness though there was plenty of life about and the baits were getting hammered by crabs within minutes of hitting the water. A polar opposite to the shore fishing over our side where there is more chance of your bait going from natural decomposition than getting a bite, which sort of adds further justification to the new trailored boat. In the local comps it’s all about Dogfish and tiny Pollack, woo hoo I think not.

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