Manx Sea Fishing July 2014 Report

July is when we expect the sea fishing to heat up around the Isle of Man and this year was no different. The Tope arrived at around about the same time as the Mackerel, the odd Bass is being caught, there were loads of nice rock Cod down around Port St Mary and the first Black Bream of the year was caught.

Of course all this is talking in general, our fishing has been pretty poor. With the way the weather turned out (north/west winds) and a few boat problems it meant that we were a little limited. If it wasn’t for a nice few days around the 20th we would have hardly got out in the boat at all. Even so I managed to find a couple of new marks, 1 in particular has been a life saver for the Mackerel which although here are hanging around a little further offshore and a bit sporadic. Loads of conspiracy theories here, the funniest I heard being that the Harbour Porpoise are scaring them off. Whoever came up with that one obviously never heard about the Mackerel issues across the whole UK! I just think it’s down to commercial over fishing in the Atlantic and the fact that the sea being 2-3 degrees warmer is maybe holding what fish there are out in deeper water. Anyway, thanks to the new mark I can get enough for bait and a feed for the girls with the added bonus of the chance of a Cod.

The need for bait has been limited to be honest because the way things have turned out this is the first year that I’ve not had a full day out at sea. We need this out of Peel to stand a good chance of a Tope, they much prefer to feed around low water and fishing over the high tide has proved very unproductive. Luckily I’ve kept my ear to the ground so new of the great catches a lot of the trailored boats have been enjoying. There’s also no shortage around the Point from the shore, plenty of Bull Huss around this year as well.

With the wind direction and engine issues it’s meant hanging around fairly close to shore for us and the Pollack fishing has been a little special. The bigger fish are here at last and we’ve had and seen a few fish that will be close to double figures. It’s nice fun fishing but not what I’d hope for in July.

So all in all it’s not been the sort of July I’d like but in general the fishing is very good.

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