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Big Tope From The Isle of Man

Manx Tope Fishing

An early start with ideal weather.

It’s amazing what can happen when summer suddenly decides to make an appearance! After several failed attempts at connecting with large Tope I finally got to spend a full day at sea on Friday thanks to the settled weather. Whilst the fishing wasn’t spectacular in terms of quantity the quality more than made up for it!

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Sea Fishing Update June 2012

For the past 4 years I’ve been updating this website and the summer theme has always appeared to be the same “can anyone remember a worse summer for the weather than this one?” It’s true, they really do appear to be getting worse each year! You can guess what is coming then, come on now, the weather gods have got to be taking the piss with this? In the whole of June we got to sea 3 times, 2 of those trips were limited to within a couple of miles of harbour with fresh force 4 borderline 5 winds. We have had no summer. The real bugger is that on the few occasions we’ve got out the fishing has been good. The sea is alive with Mackeral at the moment, as bad as the weather is, the bait supply is good!

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Charter Skippers Destroying Fish Stocks?

Fishing has been slow for us this year, slower than I can remember for a long time and perhaps even more unusual is that it has been extremely localised and by that I mean the fish have congregated in very tight areas. In other words, if you haven’t been on exactly the right spot then you could forget it. I don’t mind fishing when it’s like this because having fished the same waters for soo many years I know there are enough spots out there to try, it’s just a case of finding one holding fish that are in the mood. What isn’t so good when the fishing is like this is if one of the local charter skippers decides he’s going to kill everything in sight…and as much as some like to deny there are still plenty out there who set off out to sea with exactly that attitude. The only thing worse than having to watch somebody butcher everything that comes over the gunwhale is then to have to listen to the same idiot moaning about how the fishing isn’t what it used to be. “Maybe dickhead if you tried returning some fish you’d find it wasn’t getting worse?”

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Sea Fishing May 2012 – From Famine To Feast

If you’ve been keeping track of these updates you’ll have known that 2012 has been a really slow start for our sea fishing. I can’t remember there ever being so few fish about all the way through April, no early spring Plaice, in fact nothing of any real note within the inshore waters at all. It looked as though May was going to carry on in the same vane, but then suddenly half way through the month things started to happen and the sea was alive with fish.

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Sea Fishing – April 2012

Actually the title of this should really be called…”Not Sea Fishing – April 2012” because thanks to the fine weather that the UK has enjoyed 😉 I’ve barely got out to wet a line, and I know I’m not the only one. The one glorious week we had in March on light winds and hot sunshine seems like such a long distant memory! In April we’ve been treated to the coldest April in 20 years in some parts of the country, the wettest April on record and in others and just to top it off, above averge winds from a horrible northerly direction for just about most of the country. Not good.

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Sea Fishing – February 2012 Update

Where Have All The Pollack Gone? The truth is I have no idea but that is 4 trips out now, including trips to over 100 feet of water and still not a single Pollack since Christmas. In over 25 years of fishing I’ve never had 4 blank trips until this winter! This is unusual, don’t get me wrong we wouldn’t normally be seeing huge numbers of fish but there would still be “something” there. The fishfinder is showing nothing, the various baits and lures we’ve tried have confirmed that. I wonder if water temperature has something to do with it?

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Worst Summer Ever?

I’ve got to admit that my own Sea Angling has been hit very hard this year, what about you? So far I’ve only managed half a dozen trips out and whilst the fish catches have been good (plenty of Bass and Tope around) I can honestly say that weather wise I’ve never seen a summer like it. If it’s not raining then it’s blowing a gale and cold. Who knows, maybe the weather has come at the just the right time for some of our fish stocks (like the commercial fleet care about the weather?) but for us Sea Anglers it’s been a disaster. I can only imagine how bad charter boat operators are finding things, you all have my sympathy!

Looking Forward To A Great Summer, 2008

I don’t know why but I’ve really got a great feeling about this summers fishing, I think it’s going to be brilliant! In recent years the Isle of Man has become a real hot spot for Bass fishing (after several decades with very few and far fish) and this has opened up beach fishing once again. For a long time the only way of catching anything other than Mackerel and a few Pollack (Callig locally) was to buy/hire a boat and get out a bit. You didn’t need to go far, perhaps only 1 or 2 miles but the Irish Sea has a real habit of cutting up sharp with even the lightest of winds. Last summer was a complete right-off in terms of boat fishing.

Now that we can enjoy real shore fishing again for fantastic Bass the weather isn’t so important. I’ll be making my first trip to the north of the island the end of this month. Hopefully I’ll have something good to report!