June 2019 Sea Fishing Update

Thanks to the weather this one is going to be a bit of a short and sweet update, that won’t come as any surprise to anybody subscribed to our YouTube channel. June was utter shit in terms of the wind and then just as we did get a couple of half decent days the clutch decided to explode in my car leaving me without any way of getting to the boat. Not too upset because the weather was only “half decent” i.e. the sort of days you’d fish if your life depended on it but not if you wanted to enjoy the experience. Anyway on to what I caught.

It was the 19th of June before I got to wet a line. Set about tracking down some Mackerel to fill the bait drawer in the freezer but what I thought would be a simple half hour job turned in to a bit of a marathon before finally being weathered off with only 5 Mackerel in the bucket. Just about enough as a backup plan for a Tope session. At least the Mackerel have started to show even if it was only around rock marks and not in any sort of shoals.

The second session on the 22nd was more of a family day out. The 2 year old nephew is right in to sharks at the moment so we went on a bit of a grand tour looking for a Basking Shark for him, but with the weather obviously not watching the forecast and instead of dropping to a south east 1-2 giving us a solid northerly 4 we ending up tucked up close in fishing. Not before we’d had an hour drifting around a few miles out and I managed to save the shark element of the day by pulling up a Dogfish (Small-Spotted Catshark no less) which he seemed happy enough with. Can’t wait to see his face when we do come nose to nose with a big basker! The fishing part of the day was spent around Dalby point over a wreck which produced numerous Calig. Nothing special but I took the opportunity of getting the young fella his first fish, an absolute highlight in my own fishing career. His face was a picture and it’s another of the family hooked on fishing.

And that was it for my June. It’s been no better for anybody else, catch reports are lots of Calig and bugger all else from the boat. Shore comps are still the same “xxxx wins with 75 Doggies”. Brilliant….if you like Doggies. I don’t. I’ve pulled up clumps of weed that give a better account of themselves. Sneak preview though, July is picking up nicely, more Mackerel and some big toothy fish about.

For anybody who doesn’t follow our account on Instagram here are a couple of pics from our June exploits:-

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