Horse Rock – Courtmacsherry

I can remember a time gone by when huge Common Skate were caught less than 5 minutes from our local breakwater, when the local inshore reef fishing produced large number of 5lb+ Cod and when the Plaice were so plentiful from the shore that all it took was a 7 foot £10 rod and a handful of lugworm to catch your dinner in less than 5 minutes. Then the commercial fleets destroyed our fish stocks all in the name of paying for ever more expensive fuel. This led to leisure anglers travelling ever further in their boats for decent catches and what was once a throw the ropes off and go hobby became a case where each trip out was a major expedition! But enough doom and gloom, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go back in time to a place where the fishing is so superb it feels like a different planet, even when you’re only minutes from your berth in an open boat? Welcome to Courtmacsherry.

Situated on the South coast of Ireland just South West of Cork is the small village of Courtmacsherry. It has a shop. It has pubs. It also has a self drive boat hire service and access to some of the best Pollock fishing anywhere. This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Courtmacsherry, we are hoping you are getting the hint here! Do you have dreams of catching 10lb+ Pollock? Did you think this involves 150+ feet of water over a mid channel wreck freezing your ass off in Spring? Nope. The area around Horse Rock will give you all the Pollock fishing you could ever handle in water so shallow you can see the bottom. These fish on light tackle makes for some of the best sport fishing you’ll find anywhere. It’s also cheap fishing, Jelly Worms are all you’ll need but if you are feeling posh you could splash out on Sidewinders, both will catch big fish.

Do yourself a favour this year, you don’t have to travel of to far and distant lands for a reminder of what our fishing used to be like. Just hop over to Ireland and you’ll not regret it for one minute.

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