May 2019 Sea Fishing Update

May 2019 was actually a bit rare, for once in May we got the nicer weather from the start of the month instead of only a few days at the end for TT. Of course by the end of the month the weather had turned to shit and as I type this now on the 20th of June we’ve only had 1 trip out since. 2019 aint going to be no 2018 for summer weather.

The fishing in May was very much hit and miss. If you’d never had any or little experience of boat fishing then I suppose you’d be happy. The Callig (local name for Pollack) were everywhere, literally every piece of rough ground you could find held fish…and they were hungry. The trouble is that after 3-4 trips where that is all you are catching and where they are so thick on the ground you can’t get through them to any bigger specimens it loses its appeal. The fish were averaging 2-3lb and saying 20 fish an hour wouldn’t be overdoing it. Great fighters and like I said if that’s all you wanted you’d be delighted! Especially on the light spinning tackle we always use for them.

For me it meant heading further afield to see what I could find. In 1 week I spent hundreds of pounds on petrol and covered 3 quarters of the entire west coast of the Isle of Man, and what did I find out there in the depths? Pin Whiting, Dogfish and Spurdogs! All three what we’d consider nuisance species. What I wanted was any type of Flatty, Codling, Haddock, Gurnard, Ling etc The biggest problem was that with absolutely no Mackerel or Herring about it was a case of using bought bait. From dirty squid, to frozen Mackerel to Tesco prawns, fresh dug lug and ragworm and everything in between. No matter what went down 9 times out of 10 what came up was a pin Whiting or Doggy.

So in summary then May 2019 was excellent for the weather but very much hit and miss for the fishing. My favourite trips by far were the ones where I got people out for a rare trip on the boat and catching Callig was plenty enough for them. Now that the Mackerel are slowly starting to make an appearance (19th June) the next 3-4 weeks should be a good chance for a Tope and I haven’t forgot at all the people who are wanting a run out. It’s the same problem though, everybody wants out at the weekend and I can count the number of days where tide and weather coincide at the weekend in a year on 1 hand. Hopefully there will be more opportunities if we can get a spell of settled weather.

Finally if you’ve not already subscribed to the Youtube channel please check it out here:-

Isle of Man Fishing Youtube Channel

It’s exploded in popularity since I started updating again on a regular basis, gaining over 400 subscribers in a couple of months. It’s the best way of keeping up to date with what we are catching, where and how.

Here’s a couple of pictures from our months fishing:-

What about the shore and rest of the island? From what I’ve heard it has been quiet. Dogfish are winning all the shore comps but I know that the Coalies and Wrasse are feeding well down at Port St Mary breakwater if you fancy that. The Bass up north “should” be here now but having not had the chance myself I can’t say for certain as I’ve not heard anything of anybody catching. I also know there are a lot of lads who come for the Tope fishing from the shore, sorry to say that as at the end of May with no Mackerel on the west coast chances are very slim at best. Once the Mackerel arrive in number this will quickly change and just around now the Mackerel are slowly appearing on specific offshore marks.

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