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Make Your Own Spinners

Spinners and the like are bloody expensive! I think nothing of spending £4 – £7 on spinners and other lures that can be lost in either a moment of stupidity (just letting it sink that little bit too long) or a moment of luck (that big fish that snaps the line). I hate to think how much money I’ve left attached to rocks over the years. Like most sea anglers I could save a fortune if I could make my own lures, whilst I’d done it with big cod pirks I didn’t have the knowledge to make “proper” lures so I searched the net and this is what I found.

Learn How To Make Your Own Sea Angling Lures

After enough Googling I came across a book that promised to show me how to make lures. Whilst it was aimed at the American market (bass fishing) it also promised tips on sea angling and seeing as how it only cost around $10 (about the price on 1 lure) I gave it a go. Was I disappointed, was I heck!

The author explains in great details how to make everything from spinners to spoons and squids from everyday items. I’m not that handy with this type of stuff but even I could manage this and within a few hours of resource (bits of household crap) gathering I’d made enough lures to cover the cost of the book 5 times over. It was so good that I even printed some of it out for my dad, he doesn’t do computers (but is cheap!). Needless to say his efforts have been a bit better than mine.

The next question is “OK so they’re cheap, do they work?” Yes. Depending on what materials you have handy some work better than others but I’ve had success with the spinners for both Mackerel and Pollack. My dad has caught some decent bass (of the English sea variety) on his. Nobody is going to say that you’ll be knocking out commercial quality lures in a few days but they certainly do catch, besides by making your own you have the option of messing with the recipe to suite your local conditions. I know the local Pollack prefer bronze colours to silver so that’s what I stuck too. There’s also that strange sense of satisfaction that I imagine fly fisherman who tie their own fly’s get.

For the price of a half decent mackerel spinner you’re getting a lifetimes worth of knowledge and the ability to make your own lures for ever more. To be honest I’d prefer it if there was a paper version available as I find it easier to work that way but there’s not so no point in worrying about it. To get this sort of info that I’ve never seen in any normal bookstores/angling shops for that price is a steal comes highly recommended.

You can get your copy of How To Make Your Own Angling Lures here for $9.95 (about £6 – £7)

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