Lugworm – Saving Money

Whilst the ideal situation for most anglers is to be able to go and dig your own Lugworm it’s not always possible. Trouble is that they’re expensive to buy and have a very limited effective life span, this small tip should save you some money!

Don’t Throw Away Your Black Lug

Black Lugworm are a great bait for many species of fish, perhaps most notably Cod (hopefully of the giant variety!) The trouble is that unless you dig your own they are very expensive to buy and unless you know what I’m about to tell you you’ll only get 1 trip out of them.

Don’t Just Freeze Black Lugowrm

Every angler has a story of how they tried to freeze Lugworm, it didn’t work, turned to mush so they’ve not bothered trying it again. The problem is that they have so much water in their bodies (even when gutted) that when they freeze this expands trashing the flesh rendering them next to useless as a bait. The trick then is to get rid of as much of this moisture as possible and this is where the trick is. Before freezing your gutted Lugworm heavily salt them with coarse salt (has to be coarse). This absorbes so much of the water and means that they can then be wrapped in newspaper or foil and frozen for use another day. Whilst nothing compares to a fresh Lug bait it’s a pretty good alternative and saves you throwing your money away.

I know it’s only a small tip but it is one that I would think has saved me hundreds of pounds over the last 10 years, just think how much Lugworm bait you throw away after a trip and how much it could save you?

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