Where Are All the Fish? – Winter 2012

We’ve managed to get a couple of trips out on the boat since Christmas, not as many as we’d hoped but the wind has been a little extreme to say the least! Both trips have ended in something I’ve not experienced before, BLANK DAYS, what’s that all about?

We’ve targetted several species including the usually present winter Pollack, but no joy this year. Up until the point we went fishing it hasn’t even been that cold so I couldn’t see that being a reason for the lack of fish. From artificials to local frozen Sandeels nothing has been able to tempt them (To be fair very little was showing on the sounder). Besides the Pollack we also had a good go for Cod and depsite buying up half the UKs supply of frozen Black Lugworm and Squid we still had no joy. And when I say no joy and I mean not even a sniff of a bait, never mind a bite! One curiosity we did experience that I’ve never seen before was an abundance of small starfish clinging to baits. Twice we brought up Black Lug baits covered in bundles of tiny starfish. Has anybody ever seen that before?

The only consolation is that on the days out we were treated to some brilliant weather and as I’m sure you’d all agree, a bad day on the water is still better than a good day in the office?

Anyway, it’ll soon be March and we can then start to look forward to the summer species slowly starting to make an appearance. It’ll be nice to see a fishfinder full of fish again instead of looking at an empty bottom!

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