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Peel in the Isle of Man offers many opportunities for the sea angler – Beach, rock, and pier fishing is all available with species ranging all the way from good quality Bass, Pollack (Callig locally), Wrasse to huge numbers of Mackeral.

peel breakwater
Peel Breakwater> offers the novice angler the opportunity to catch fish in a comfortable environment with toilet facilities and a kiosk shop all within a minutes walk. During the summer months large shoals of Mackeral frequent the waters around the breakwater and can easily by caught by either spinning or if for bait purposes by using strings of feathers. Any silver or white pattern will work well. Besides the Mackeral, large Coalfish can also be caught from the back wall from early Spring through to early Winter. Probably one of the most fun techniques is to freeline a small piece of Mackeral. For the more experienced angler, Place, Flounder and Dogfish can all be caught by long range ledgering from the back wall. If you are feeling adventurous small to medium sized Conger Eels can also be caught after dusk by dropping a large bait down the back.

The rocks behind Peel Castle and Fenella Beach are also very close to toilet and hot food facilities and provide the perfect environment to float fish for Pollack, Wrasse, Mackeral and even the occasional Bass. The numerous rock pools even provide the perfect environment to keep the younger kids happy whilst you’re fishing. Favourite baits include Sandeel and Lugworm from a sliding float rig. Fishing 8-12 feet (depending on tide state) below the surface is plenty. Anglers who prefer to throw out a bait can expect to catch various species of flatfish as well as numerous Dogfish from the sandy seabed that stretches out after 70-80 yards of rock. You can expect to catch a lot of Mackeral by spinning on the later stages of an incoming tide.

Peel’s main beach and harbour are home to many species of common flatfish (Plaice, Flounder, Dab). Lugworm appears to be the favourite bait with a flounder spoon being an optional extra. Lugworm can be dug locally on even modest low tides. Favourite spots include the deep side of the groin and from any of the small jetties that project into the bay. Ledgering with a single bait also brings the chance of a small Coalfish. Peel harbour contains Mullet during the summer month and although hard to catch they can provide some great sport to light tackle anglers. It must be said that increasing number of Seals have damaged the fishing in this area over recent years but good sport is stll available.

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