July 2016 IOM Sea Fishing

With the weather being so bad from the middle of June onward we had really high hopes for getting a spell of settled weather sometime in July, how wrong were we! July, summer? Two days, TWO DAYS we managed to get out in the boat. Even those were trips where if given the choice again I don’t think we would have bothered, there is very little fun in being battered in force 5-6 winds. But desperation set in and we set out to catch something, anything.

With the wind how it was we didn’t get to go far but fortunately we didn’t need to. There is a small rough ground mark within half a mile of Peel breakwater that always has a chance of turning up nice Callig. Our first trip out only lasted an hour but in that time between 2 fishing spots we caught and released 25-20 fish as well as keeping 2 better ones for the pot. I can honestly say though that it felt much more like a trip out in February than July and there is no photographic evidence of the day, it was all we could do to hold on to our rods and the boat.

Our second trip out on the 19th was a little better, well at least the wind had swung from westerly to south east so it offered us some shelter if we headed towards Glen Maye and Dalby. Our chosen spot had turned up a number of double figure Callig at around the same time last year and whilst there were fish there it was a little disappointing to get nothing bigger than 5lb. Even with the wind coming of the land it was a very bumpy trip down and back again but we had fresh fish for the fridge.

And that really was that for July. Having worked so hard over the winter to free up some much needed fishing time for the summer I was pretty pissed off come the end of July. Even the couple of shore trips I did were a real pain. The constant west winds stirring up huge amounts of weed and making each trip feel more like a weed dodging session than actually fishing. I know some people love to get in there amongst the high waves, weed and debris but from a personal point of view I like my fishing to be fun and to be able to use tackle light enough to feel the fish on the end of the line. The conditions made that impossible.

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