Manx Sea Fishing March 2014 Update

Settled weather and some fish. What a nice change March made after the shit storm that had been battering us since November.

In saying that we only managed to get out once (bloody work) but it was very pleasant to find lots of fish about. This time of year is normally a little too early with the fish holding up in small localised pockets – real pain to find then you’re off them as quickly as you can get a line down. However the water temperature is a good 2 degrees warmer than the past 2-3 March’s and it seems to have helped get the fish active earlier. Our one short 2 hour trip resulted in about a dozen Callig and a few small Coalfish. There wasn’t a lot of size in any of the fish (3lb maximum) but it was just nice to be out and catching in March. The other little surprise was that the fish were taking lures, I noticed last year and the year before that the early fish seemed to prefer Sandeels but any of the Sanage Gear Sandeels and Sidewinders were working fine.

The good news continues with the shore fishing as well, it seems that has started early this year and I’ve seen some nice Wrasse caught around the island. My main target for April is going to be catching a 2lb+ Plaice – boat or shore will do. We used to get a lot of Plaice, they were almost the default flatfish, far more common than Flounder, Dab were almost none existent but now the Plaice tend to be few and far between. I’ve identified a couple of spots that should be holding fish so it’s just a case of waiting and hoping we get the weather in April to give it a try. As well as the Plaice fishing I’ll also be trying to get the HRF gear out a little more often as well.

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