September & October 2014 Sea Fishing report

Might as well combine September and October because frankly the weather in October has meant it wasn’t worth writing up. There is nothing unusual about low pressure systems rolling in of the Atlantic this time of year but I think it’s fare to say we’ve had our full quota so far this year, especially when you combine the wind and amount of rain. We had a months worth of rain in the first 3 days, nice. Obviously I prefer boat fishing but I’m also more than happy to wet a line from the shore…as long as I’m not being blown off the rocks/getting piss wet through/frozen solid. One of which I don’t mind but 2 or more and I’ll find something else to do unless there are big Bass being caught. So October wasn’t really a shore fishing month for me either. Anyway, enough whinging, the fishing was actaully pretty good.

September 2014
September made up for August. Settled weather meant we got out 9 times and whilst the variety of fishing wasn’t soo great the quality was right up there. First of all the deeper marks (100ft +) seemed to have died a death, after a couple of tries in different spots we ended up giving up. Funny because only a month earlier they were turning up good numbers of Codling, Whiting and Gurnard. Even the Mackerel that were holding out deeper seemed to move on. This left us with the inshore marks again and there was no shortage of fish, I’ve never seen so many Callig, literally every patch of weed was holding loads of small Callig. Amongst these were the odd big fish and I saw 2 double figures caught, one at 13lb and another not much shy of 15lb. To spice things up the missing Mackerel were finally showing their faces and all the usual inshore spots were loaded with them. Finally it was a bumper month for Codling, we had loads up to around 5lb although trying to target them was another matter. They generally turned up in the first 15 minutes of fishing a mark and then after 1 or 2 they were gone. Lures ranged from Savage Sandeels to the brightest colour sidewinders. Half the problem was getting through the Callig which were just so thick on the ground. From what I’ve read the rest of the island was similar with some monsters showing up down the south of the island as well.
(See the previous post for our wreck fishing trip, it took till September for us to get a settled enough day to make it happen!)

The shore fishing in September was a bit of a mixed bag. The breakwaters were literally rammed with Mackerel but the Bass season just fell away rapidly to what was almost non existent. I’ve heard of a few being caught here and there, mainly from the yak close in to the shore but there’s not been anything like the numbers seen in recent years around September/October. Another mystery was the Flounders. Nothing earlier on but now plenty. Fenella beach and Peel harbour fishing really well. The lack of Plaice has been noted though.

October 2014
Out twice in the boat, still plenty of Callig about and a good size as well. The water has a proper colour to it now so we’ve found brighter lures working better than the more natural ones we’d been using earlier on. Whilst doing a bit of surveying with the fishfinder I did a test over some old marks that haven’t fished well for years and even they are full to the brim with small Callig. I’ve no idea why but hopefully it bodes well for next year when they should all be a decent size.

I’ve taken the rod for a walk along the shore a couple of times but it really wasn’t worth wetting a line. Small Callig aplenty. As far as the competition lads go it Dogfish and Coalfish. If you’re lucky there are still monster Mackerel about from the breakwaters but things really are starting to wind down now.

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