Summer Cod Fishing – 5 Top Tips

Summer Cod

A typical summer Cod caught over rough groung in less than 50 feet of water using a Black Worm powerbait.

The quality of Cod fishing around the UK has only gone one way and unfortunately it’s not the good way! Places that were once Cod hot-spots are now almost completely devoid of all but a few Codling. However summer Cod fishing still has the opportunity to throw up a few surprises including some lunkers chucked in for good measure. Summer Cod fishing means rough ground or wrecks and a change of tactic from Winter cod fishing. Here’s our top 5 summer Cod fishing tips:-

1. Lures Rule – Whether over rough ground or looking for 20lb+ monsters on a wreck, lures rule for catching summer cod. You can still get away with traditional feathers (on 5/0+ hook sizes either white or coloured) but on Wrecks where the fish aren’t freely jumping onto your hooks jelly worms or shads work much better. Worms in either black or black with red are firm favourites amongst many fishermen.

2. Tipping Can Work – There are marks where people know there are Cod but they just don’t want to bite. In these cases tipping your lure with a large Ragworm, piece of squid or Mackeral can turn the day and prove devastating.

3. Don’t Go Too Heavy – The days of 50lb class rods and reels for Cod are over. You’ll get much better sport as well as much more feel for what is happening down below if you stick to a good quality 20 or 30lb class rod.

4. Braid Is Your Friend – On a deep wreck or a fast run of tide? Good quality braided line can help you reach the depths while still sticking to a rod that gives a good fight and feel. You’ll need a shock leader in case you get smashed by a monster but the hassle of tieing that on is more than made up with the fact you’ll be getting away with lighter gear and a much lighter weight. Nobody likes lumping around 1lb or more of lead!

5. Keep Records – Good advice for wreck fishing but absolutely vital if you’re looking to pick up summer Cod on rough ground. Trust me it can become a serious game of attrition and you will literally save yourself a fortune in fuel and time over the years if you keep accurate records as to not only when you caught and how you caught summer Cod but also the many hours spent not catching. Even on large areas of rough ground the fish will have their favourite spots and it can mean the difference between spending 6 hours drifting for nothing and 20 minutes going over and over the same ground picking up a fish each time. Finding summer Cod is not easy and you need all the information you can get, you can’t rely on throwing a big smelly bait out and hoping they’ll find you.

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