January & February 2014 Sea Fishing Updates

It’s another double month update because to be honest there has been bugger all happening. Worst winter ever? It has got to be. The only boat action over the last couple of months has been going down to check on the ropes amongst the various storm surges, storms, floods and whatever else nature has thrown at us. At least I can happily report all is well. I did try a bit of shore fishing from the rocks but lasted less than 20 minutes, a total waste of time, cold, wet and very windy.

Fortunately (for me anyway) I was booked for a cruise around the Caribbean for the second half of February and very nice it was too. Whilst with our schedule there wasn’t a lot of chance for fishing it was nice to be around some fish life again even if it was with a mask and snorkel. I had planned a fishing trip in Bonaire but seeing as how the 2 charter skippers seem to spend all their time slagging the other one off and with the amount of money involved I just didn’t feel like it was a risk worth taking. No doubt I’ll get down that way again for a longer stay and would love to get in amongst the big Barracudas we saw.

Fish - Klein Bonaire

Fish – Klein Bonaire

The good news is that March is already looking a better month, I’ve already done the early engine checks and I’ll be loading all the tackle and gear back on this week. I know a couple of lads have already been out with little joy and the Manx Boat Fishing gang have already had their first comp of the year…didn’t end so well! Everybody home in 1 piece is the main thing.

All being well and if the weather gods can give us a few nice days the March 2014 report should have a lot more fish in it.

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